Tutorial overview: Effective strategies for rapid application development

This tutorial will present some of the strategies and techniques that allow every-day developers to be incredibly effective, often doing in one day what other developers may take weeks, months, or even a year to accomplish.

The participants will walk-through the analysis, design, and implementation of a substantial real-world application, developed in a single week using proven O-O techniques. They will learn the strategies and techniques that are used to avoid time-wasting activities. And they will see how extensibility is built in from the ground-up, addressing future requirements that may or may not have been anticipated.

The tutorial will show participants how to solve problems by finding, developing, and applying pattern languages during analysis, design, programming and even in the team organization. An emphasis will be placed on the continuity of these and other strategies and practices, one activity preparing for and leading in to the next. Reliable techniques will be demonstrated in the context of real project problems, including discovering the right objects, object persistence, interfacing to legacy systems and data, discovering the right level of detail, choosing the right tools, and using frameworks.




This tutorial will assume and build on the participant having a good familiarity with Object Modeling, UML notation, the general concept of Patterns and Pattern Languages, and at least one year experience programming in an Object-Oriented language.'