Tutorial overview: OPEN-ing up the UML

OPEN is the premier third-generation, process-focussed, public domain Object-Oriented methodology. It is documented in a number of professional-level texts. In this tutorial, a beginner\'s level presentation, OPEN is introduced through a number of case study examples using UML as the notation.

Process, modelling and notational issues are all discussed at an introductory level, first in terms of the process architecture, then as a detailed description of the UML, integrated with the ways of using the UML (i.e. OPEN\'s modelling tasks and techniques).


Knowledge of Object-Oriented concepts will be beneficial; no knowledge of methodologies or modelling is required. This is an introductory level tutorial.

Who should attend:

Systems developers, analysts, designers, students, faculty who require an easy introduction to modern OOAD methodological thinking.

Tutorial Goal

The overall aims of the tutorial are to describe the details of the third generation OPEN methodology at an introductory level by means of case studies which illustrate the tailorable flexibility of the OPEN process.'