Tutorial overview: JINI: towards seamless connectivity of hardware devices and software services

A distributed system must adapt to network changes, as new devices are added, old ones are removed, existing ones change, and parts of the network fails or changes. The Jini architecture is designed to adapt to those changes.

Jini is a Java-based simple infrastructure for seamless connection of hardware devices and software services together in a networked environment.

Major topics covered

Each section will be accompanied with several examples from our R&D projects.




This tutorial is designed for software and IT professionals who are familiar with the fundamental concepts and principles of object-oriented component-based software development, distributed object computing, and Java. Extensive working experience with Java is a plus but NOT required. This tutorial will provide the background information required for understanding the related issues and technologies.


This tutorial is intended to provide attendees with the opportunity to acquire a good understanding of the Jini vision, Jini model of distributed computing, Jini architecture, components of Jini model, and the Jini service architecture.'