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Pre-conference introductory tutorial

Object Technology: An Executive Overview

Clifford Ritchie, CERCo, Scotts Valley, CA, USA

Object technology is increasingly recognized as the best approach to building quality software and improving software productivity. Although the basic terms are widely used, they are not always coherently and completely described.

This tutorial presents a consistent, general and up-to-date description of object technology, providing a general overview to people interested in mastering the concepts.

Prior exposure to object technology is not required, although the tutorial should be of interest to non-beginners as well as to novices. It is addressed to managers as well as technically-oriented participants.

The topics include:

When & Where?

About the Speaker:

Clifford Ritchie Clifford Ritchie is president of CERCo, a Scotts Valley, California based software engineering company devoted to producing quality software by adhering to sound software engineering practices.

Mr. Ritchie has taught object-oriented programming courses worldwide.

He played the role of chief object-oriented architect on large-scale projects to many Silicon Valley companies resulting in the production of thousands of classes.

He has been successfully applying, for the past 15 years, the concepts of object-oriented analysis, design, and programming to constructing numerous popular commercial off-the-shelf software products.

He holds an Associate of Science degree in Data Processing from Sacramento City College and a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (Computer Science) from California State University at Sacramento. [an error occurred while processing this directive]