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Presenter Biographies

Karine Arnout

Karine Arnout is a research assistant and Ph.D. student in the Chair of Software Engineering held by Prof. Dr. Bertrand Meyer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland. She is a member of the ECMA Technical Group for the standardization of the Eiffel method and language (TC39-TG4). Her areas of research include Eiffel and the Microsoft .NET technology. She is interested in the idea of turning Design Patterns into reusable components, and is also active in the area of extracting closet contracts from non-Eiffel libraries, including .NET components.

Before joining Bertrand Meyer's team at ETH, she worked at Interactive Software Engineering, Inc. in Santa Barbara, California, where she contributed to several proprietary technologies and to porting ISE's EiffelStudio to the .NET Framework. She co-wrote a paper with Raphaël Simon - The .NET Contract Wizard: Adding Design by Contract to languages other than Eiffel - that she presented at the TOOLS USA conference in July 2001.

Her engineering degree is from the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne (ENSTBr) in France.

Ali Arsanjani

Ali Arsanjani has over 19 years industry experience and is a Senior Consulting I/T Architect for IBM´s National E-business Application Development Center of Competency were he leads the Component-based Development and Integration Competency. He has been architecting n-tier e-business systems based on object, component and recently service-oriented technology for IBM´s larger clients. His areas of experience and research include best-practices for component-based development, service-oriented architectures, business rules modeling and implementation, creation and evolution of reusable assets, extending methods for CBD, building business frameworks and components and incorporating patterns and pattern languages to build resilient and stable software architectures. He has been actively speaking and publishing in these areas for a variety of audiences in industry and academia.

Rex Fowler

Rex Fowler is CEO (and CTO) of Fowler Software Design LLC located in Denver, Colorado. FSD has been producing custom software for clients since 1984. Before that Rex was VP of Software Development for MCBA, a company that produced DIBOL and COBOL accounting and manufacturing software for the mini-computer market. Rex’s formal education was in mathematics and economics: Harvey Mudd College, 1971 and University of Southern California, 1981.

Miguel de Icaza

As the founder and leader of the GNOME Foundation and a board member of the Free Software Foundation, Miguel is one of the foremost luminaries in the Linux development community. With his seemingly boundless energy, Miguel has galvanized the effort to make Linux accessible and available to the average computer user. He brings this same excitement to his role as CTO of Ximian. Miguel was instrumental in porting Linux to the SPARC architecture and led development of the Midnight Commander file manager and the Gnumeric spreadsheet. He is also a primary author of the design of the Bonobo component model, which leads the way in the development of large-scale applications in GNOME.

Christophe Job

Christophe Job is Vice President of Application Development Tools at Oracle Corporation. Mr. Job's responsibilities include the development, quality assurance, product management, curriculum, and documentation for Oracle's development tools.

Prior to his position as Vice President, Mr. Job began his seven-year career at Oracle in 1995 to work on Oracle Power Object, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool to build database applications. He then moved into management as the Director of Development for the Oracle Java Virtual Machine and was later promoted to Senior Director of Development, responsible for creating and developing the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the modelers, the Java Virtual Machine and the Business Components for Java functionality of Oracle9i JDeveloper.

Mr. Job began his development career at Borland where he worked on a number of different products ranging from Turbo Pascal to Borland C++. He holds an Engineering Degree from Ecole Superieure d'Infomatique (ESI) in France.

Bertrand Meyer

Bertrand Meyer is Professor of Software Engineering at ETH in Zürich (Switzerland) where he focuses on Trusted Components, Eiffel and .NET. He is also Technical Advisor and Founder of ESI, a leading provider of tools and components for the production of higher quality software. He is one of the most respected figures of the software industry as pioneer in Object Technology, language designer, entrepreneur, award winning writer and internationally sought after speaker. He has played a major role in developing modern software technology and bringing it to software engineers working in production environments.

Christine Mingins

Associate Professor Christine Mingins is Associate Head of the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Her research and teaching interests span software engineering and IT project management, focusing on metrics. She is a Member of the European Computer Manufacturers Association Technical Committee 39, that recently standardized Microsoft's new .NET technology, and is Convenor of TC39 TG#4, responsible for standardizing Eiffel. Recent publications include "Design Patterns and Contracts", Addison Wesley 2000.

George Pappas

George Pappas was a Strategist & Engagement Executive for IBM and formerly Director of ERP and e-Business Solutions for Gartner Group.

Combining an ability to merge business and technical requirements, he focuses upon defining and deploying Internet business and technical solutions to small, medium, and large companies. Before IBM, he was the Director of E-Business and ERP Solutions with Gartner Group and has been involved in start-up enterprises. He has also held positions as General Manager, and Chief Information Officer for Fortune 100 companies and delivered technology projects on time, on budget, and with all of the promised features.

He holds a M.S. from the University of Southern California and a B.S from Clemson University.

Mr. Pappas currently consults with emerging and enterprise companies in deploying technologies to meet strategic objectives.

Raphael Simon

Raphael leads the .NET effort at Interactive Software Engineering, serving as the Senior .NET developer. He got his start in programming by helping to develop and maintain the Windows Eiffel Library and specializing early in Windows development. This work culminated with Glenn Maughan and Raphael's book "Windows Programming Made Easy". Following this effort, he consulted with a team in London that worked on the Chicago Board of Trade's Floor Price Reporting System. After returning to Santa Barbara, he led the development of the EiffelCOM library. He also has helped build the first Eiffel for .NET compiler and currently spearheads the effort to port Eiffel for .Net for Visual Studio .NET.

Owen Walcher

Owen Walcher is a Solutions Architect with over 20 years experience developing large, mission critical applications for government and business. While a consultant with AMS, Owen developed Best Practices and co-authored the Object-Oriented Corporate Methodology and the Client/Server Methodologies. Mr. Walcher was a keynote speaker at OOPSLA '93, where he talked about Wrapping Legacy Systems using Object Technology for Business Function Reuse, and is currently working towards his Doctor of Computer Science in Bio Informatics. Mr. Walcher is a Senior Systems Engineer at NeoCore Inc, a Colorado-based company offering a high performance, native XML database product.

Hal Webre

Hal is a software engineer with over thirty years of broad-based experience. He holds a B.S. Computer Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and an M.S. Software Engineering from the University of West Florida. A partial list of his diverse application software experience includes natural language processing, realtime communication, manufacturing support, and object-oriented client/server database applications.

Since the early 1970's, Hal's professional interest has been the construction of high quality software. As a result, in every job Hal has served as educator, mentor, and toolsmith in addition to his more conventional duties. He has both operating system and database management system support experience. Although Hal has developed production software in many languages, his main interest has been in object-oriented technology. For the past two years, Hal has taught the Object-Oriented Programming course and C++ at the University of West Florida. Hal has worked with .NET Experts since its inception in the summer of 2000, emphasizing the multi-language capability of .NET. He has also successfully instructed with the Microsoft .NET Developers Training Tour.

Jason Whittington

Jason Whittington is a veteran software author and researcher based in Arizona who currently spends most of his time working with .NET internals. He authors and delivers courses on .NET-related topics for DevelopMentor. Jason has spoken a variety of industry conferences including COMDEX, Conference.NET, TOOLS-USA and WinDev, and has spoken on .NET topics at a number of universities including Brown, Cornell, and Purdue. Currently he is working with Peter Drayton on a new book "CLR Internals".

Mickey Williams

Mickey Williams is the Author of "Microsoft Visual C# .NET" from Microsoft Press. Active with object-oriented development since the 1980s, he has written many books about Windows programming tools and frequently speaks at conferences in the United States and Europe. An expert in Microsoft .NET development technologies, Williams is an instructor for .NET Experts, where he teaches courses on the .NET Framework, XML, and SOAP. He also writes the biweekly ".NET Nuts and Bolts" column for CodeGuru.com.

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