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TOOLS Europe '96

Keynote speakers:

Michael Jackson Independent consultant and AT&T Bell Labs., Murray Hills, USA

Guenter Koch Chairman of European Software Institute

Robert Marcus Director of Object Technology at American Management Systems, USA

Bertrand Meyer President of ISE Inc., Santa Barbara, USA

20 different tutorials by Won Kim, John Daniels, Pierre Cointe, Sanjiv Gossain, Nasser Kettani, Chris Laffra, Christine Mingins, Wolfgang Pree, Trevor Hopkins, James McKim, Kim Walden and many other experts.
Subjects range from Design Patterns to Java through Web technology, the Unified Booch-Rumbaugh-Jacobson method, Relational-O-O merge, Design by contract, how to run a successful O-O consulting practice, DSOM, C++, Smalltalk, B.O.N., Eiffel, managing O-O projects, metrics for O-O development, use cases, object strategies for client-server systems, real-time applications, etc.
Technical program: February 26-29, 1996
Sixteen papers on the most up-to-date aspects of object technology.
The Method Users debate
Experience reports
Is there a market for reusable components?
Workshop on Reuse
Exhibition: February 27-29, 1996
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