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Languages & Engineering

Smalltalk and the ENVY Development System
Pierre Cointe
Level: intermediate

Since its origin, Smalltalk has been perceived as an excellent prototyping and programming environment. Nevertheless, it has also long been considered as a single-user system, unable to deliver tools for efficient multi-user development. The presentation introduces the multi-user Smalltalk based ENVY/Developer development system. After a reminder on the notions of method, class, application, and configuration maps, the presentation introduces new concepts such as version, component ownership and storage of source and compiled code as well as persistent objects in a sharable repository made accessible to the development team members. The conclusion presents supporting tools of ENVY/Developer and calls for the joint use of a development method.

Pierre Cointe is Professor of Computer Science at Ecole des Mines de Nantes. Formerly he worked with IRCAM, Centre Mondial de l'Informatique and Rank Xerox. He also shares his time between Object Technology International France and the new ``Jules Verne'' research laboratory in Nantes, entirely dedicated to Smalltalk technologies.

Engineering Systems with Eiffel
Jean-Marc Jezequel
Level: intermediate

The O-O approach is now more and more applied during the software life cycle, from the analysis phase until the validation phase, throughout design, implementation, unit testing and integration. The use of the Eiffel language fits very in that context since it facilitates the transition from design to implementation and provides unique features that eventually ease operation and maintenance phases. The tutorial relies on a case study borrowed from the telecommunication field to illustrate the seamless development process fostered by the use of Eiffel.

Jean-Marc Jezequel is currently researcher with CNRS/IRISA at Inria Rennes. Dr Jezequel steers a group interested in the use of O-O technologies in the context of the Pampa project, aimed at defining programming techniques applicable to distributed memory based architectures. He published numerous papers and authored the book "Object-Oriented Software Engineering with Eiffel", Addison-Wesley, 1995.

Smalltalk Essentials
Trevor Hopkins
Level: intermediate

This talk introduces Smalltalk for those already adept in another object-oriented language. Basic Smalltalk features are covered fully and rapidly, and more `advanced' capabilities considered. Smalltalk is presented as an integrated language and environment, with a pure object-oriented language model. The following topics are covered:

Trevor Hopkins is a consultant, EMEA Object Technology Practice, at IBM (UK). His research interests include O-O design quality analysis, automatic design transformation, language implementation techniques and concurrent object programming. He is co-author with Bernard Horan of "Smalltalk: an introduction to application development using visualworks", Prentice Hall, 1995.

An introduction to Java
Chris Laffra
Level: intermediate

Java is an internet programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, and licensed to companies like Netscape. It allows applets to be embedded into HTML pages. Java enabled browsers will automatically retrieve the portable byte codes over the internet and interpret them locally on the user's display. This tutorial discusses topics such as Java's history, OOA&D of Java programs, security, native methods, callbacks, building Java toolkits, meta-programming, and multiple threads.

Chris Laffra currently works on firm-wide infrastructure software for financial applications used by Morgan Stanley at Wall Street. Prior to that he worked at the IBM T.J. Watson Research center on a compiler and development environment for the Oberon language and also developed HotWire, a platform and language independent visual debugger. Chris Laffra is author of ``Advanced Java, Idioms, Styles, and Programming Tips'', published by Prentice Hall, to appear spring 1996.

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