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Thanks for making
a great success!

34th International Conference & Exhibition


Fess Parker's DoubleTree Resort

Software Serving Society

TOOLS USA 2000 featured a unique roster of speakers and topics. Preparations are already under way for TOOLS USA 2001. Mark your calendar now!

You will find below the entire set of pages for TOOLS USA 2000, serving as a reference.

For TOOLS USA 2000 attendees: within the next few days you will receive the username and password allowing you to access the tutorial and lecture notes online. Thanks for making TOOLS USA 2000 a success, and hope to see you next year!

Held in the magnificent Fess Parker Resort in the heart of the "American Riviera", TOOLS USA is the most intense and enriching event of the year for anyone wishing to keep abreast of the latest software technologies. This year's roster of speakers and topics is unique even by TOOLS standards. There's been nothing like it before! The one event not to miss in 2000.

Newest (July 28): Final Eiffel Summit program now online (August 1st).

New (July 26): TOOLS attendees will receive the Microsoft .NET preview CD, not yet available to the general public.

New (July 16): The first in-depth tutorials on Microsoft's just announced .NET technology, including Programming the .NET environment by Raphael Simon and Emmanuel Stapf, programming in C# and ASP+ Web programming, plus the keynotes by Jim Miller (.NET technology leader) and Clemens Szyperski of Microsoft.

New (June 27): TOOLS will feature an in-depth tutorial on Microsoft's just announced C# language.

New (June 21): Conference brochure in PDF format.



TOOLS USA 2000 is sponsored by Microsoft and will feature a special track on Microsoft component technologies. Other sponsors include Borders bookstores, the Software Council of So. California, PC AI magazine and Interactive Software Engrg. See sponsorship details.


Kent Beck, Don Box, Martin Fowler, Martin Griss, Bertrand Meyer, Jim Miller, Clemens Szyperski.

See keynote details.

Tutorials by the world's software technology experts

The widest range of topics and subjects ever! COM, COM+, CORBA 3, Java, JINI, mobile agents, refactoring, Extreme Programming, UML, Unified Process, databases, real-time, aspect-oriented programming, patterns, C++, O-O Cobol, Requirements management, enterprise application integration, rapid application development, and more. See tutorial details (speakers, abstracts).

Special introductory tutorial

On Sunday, July 30: An executive overview of Object Technology, taught by Cliff Ritchie. Details here

WET (Workshop on Education and Training)

Must-attend for trainers and teachers, with an industrial training component chaired by Pete McBreen and a university-oriented component chaired by James McKim and Richard Mitchell, also on Sunday, July 30. See WET details,

The famous TOOLS language panel

Chaired by Richard Riehle: the conference's Great Finale on Thursday, August 3. Come cheer for your favorite development language!

Component-based development panel

Chaired by Roger Smith of Software Development magazine, with Clemens Szyperski, Bertrand Meyer and Gilda Pour.

Project management panel

chaired by Mark Mastman, with Bill Duncan and other leading project managers.

Relating business needs to IT workshop

Chaired by Haim Kilov.

Project management of O-O systems workshop

Chaired by Guy Carter and Dilip Patel. See workshop Web site at http://www.cios.sbu.ac.uk/pmtools2.

Software Technology for E-Commerce panel

Chaired by Denny Bollay.

A superb scientific program

28 papers have been selected by the TOOLS scientific program committee cochaired by Qiaoyun Li and Donald Firesmith, on the most advanced topics of component and object-oriented software development, with proceedings to be published by the IEEE Computer Press.

Special events for Eiffel developers and enthusiasts

Eiffel Summit

The yearly meeting for Eiffelists worldwide. Experience reports, new libraries, product announcements. August 1; chaired by Paul Ford and Darren Hiebert. Details and submission information here.

Extreme Eiffel Design and Code Fest

Chaired by Richie Bielak. Show off your O-O design and implementation skills on a real problem! For details see event's web page at http://www.netlabs.net/~richieb/eedcf/.

Post-conference tutorials

On Friday, August 4, choose from three in-depth one-day tutorials: Design by Contract by Bertrand Meyer; Project Management by Bill Duncan; and Metrics for Object-Oriented Development by Christine Mingins.

Many more!

Stay tuned as this page gets updated with new TOOLS events. Don't forget the superb TOOLS social program, with the Beach Barbecue on Monday, Dinner and Classical Concert Under the Stars on Wednesday, and the endless resources of the magnificent Santa Barbara area.

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