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Tutorial chair: Richard Riehle, Adaworks

TOOLS USA 2000 now features 26 tutorials on the most burning topics of software technology.

Note: two tutorials on new Microsoft component technologies will be added to this list in June.

To see a tutorial abstract or the speaker bio: Just bring the cursor to the tutorial title or the speaker's name; the information will appear. You don't need to click. (If you prefer to click anyway, this will bring you to a page with the same information.)

To see the tutorial's place in the conference schedule: Click on the tutorial code (for example C2).

C track: Component-based development and Windows technologies

+ Creating the Information Anywhere architecture: Dana Moore -- C1

+ Programming the Microsoft .NET framework: Raphael Simon and Emmanuel Stapf -- C2

+ Building COM applications: Michael Stal -- C3

+ CORBA 3: Michael Stal -- C4

+ Keys to Enterprise Application Integration: John Williams -- C5

+ Reuse in the real world: John Williams -- C6

+ XML for e-commerce: Danko Nebesh and Robert Tarr -- C7

+ Windows component development techniques -- C8

P track: Process, management and methodology

+ Effective strategies for rapid application development: Michael Anton -- P1

+ Business specifications and RM-ODP: Haim Kilov -- P2

+ Applying the lessons of eXtreme Programming: Pete McBreen -- P3

+ Requirements management: Larry Boldt -- P4

+ Productivity produces quality: good software under bad conditions: Todd Lauinger -- P5

+ Adding value to the unified process: Richard Mitchell -- P6

+ Refactoring: Martin Fowler -- P7

T track: Supporting technologies

+ Object-oriented database programming in Java: Raimund Ege -- T1

+ Object structuring techniques: John Potter and Jeff Sanders -- T2

+ Building evolvable, embedded, time-critical systems with MetaH and UML: Ed Colbert and Bruce Lewis -- T3

+ Mobile agent systems: Danko Nebesh and Robert Tarr -- T4

+ The Use Case pattern language: Steve Adolph -- T5

+ Aspect-oriented programming: Cristina Lopes and Gregor Kiczales -- T6

+ JINI: towards seamless connectivity of hardware devices and Software services: Gilda Pour -- T7

L track: Language and applications

+ Agent-based programming in Eiffel: Bertrand Meyer -- L1

+ OPEN-ing up the UML: Brian Henderson-Sellers and Bhuvan Unhelkar -- L2

+ Idiomatic Java: Angelika Langer -- L3

+ Using C++ templates for implementing patterns: Angelika Langer -- L4

+ Real-time programming in Java: Ben Brosgol -- L5

+ O-O COBOL: the old, the bad and the ugly: Guido Dedene -- L6

+ Constructing reliable C++ classes: Jeff Kotula -- L7

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